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de Expeditie
Rachel Adams
Erik Andriesse
Dan Asher
Ger van Elk
Jakup Ferri
Jaroslaw Flicinski
Pieterjan Ginckels
Hiryczuk / Van Oevelen
Fransje Killaars
Keiko Sato
Joe Scanlan
Peter Struycken
Curdin Tones
Lara Viana
Donelle Woolford
Sylvie Zijlmans
stand projects
Yonatan Vinitsky



STAND seeks to make a virtue of hybridity across conventional modes of exhibition making, blurring the boundaries of curated projects, gallery exhibitions and art fairs while highlighting connections between individual artists, artworks and galleries.

The 3 galleries in this exciting collaboration, De Expeditie from Amsterdam, Domobaal from London and Tatjana Pieters/OneTwenty from Gent promote and represent emerging and mid-career artists at an international level. Each gallery has its own strong highly individual and recognized curatorial programme, with a continuous programme of gallery-based exhibitions. Each have achieved proven track record with artists whose careers have fundamentally developed within these galleries, while also seeking out, and assisting in the development of new talent, whether from their own countries, or abroad.

The aim of the STAND project is to combine the strengths of these practices as gallerists and develop collaborative conversations across focussed artistic and gallerist practices. This is a fundamental exercise that each collector in turn engages with, thus completing the circle, installing artwork in the context of different collections, whether large or small, mature or starting.  

The first STAND project took place in Villa La Tourelle in September 2008 in Oostende, Belgium.